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3 mei 2018

dBOD proudly supports Albert Heijns ‘Basmatties’ project

Vote now to bring this sustainable product on the shelf.

dBOD have created the packaging design for AH Basmati Rijst, endorsed by the Sustainable Rice Platform. Inspired by the ‘colourfeast’, the female icon on the label stands for fertility, celebrating love in a colourful way, ready to kick off the rice revolution.



The Basmatties from Albert Heijn stand for a good life/future of their farmers. They are creating a movement to radically improve the basmati value chain. This means training and educating entire communities of farmers on how to produce basmati rice sustainably. Besides that, the Basmatties want to guarantee them of a minimum wage, which can exceed by producing within AH standards. And they go even further than organic and fair trade: together they are bringing revolution to the basmati value chain for the good!


For now, this product is available internally for AH employees only, but has been entered into ‘De Partnership Verkiezing 2018’, an initiative of The Punchy Pack, the Ministry of Foreign affairs and FMO.  If the Basmatties win this award, the product makes a great chance to get onto the shelves. So please punch the button and help changing the lives of the many communities in Pakistan for good.

click here to vote!