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31 oktober 2017

dBOD’s Tijs Kramer wins 2nd prize at BNO Packaging Talent Awards

During Dutch Design Week, the BNO handed out the BNO Packaging Talent Awards 2017. Tijs Kramer, now junior designer at dBOD, is proud winner of the 2nd prize.

This year’s case came from Brouwers Albert Heijn: Develop a new packaging design for an extension of the Brouwers Assortment: IPA – India Pale Ale and translate this identity to the various products and carriers.


The jury for the BNO Packaging Talent Awards was composed by members of Albert Heijn and BNO NEXTpack, the packaging design platform of the Netherlands:


– Jobert van de Bovenkamp, chairman (Creative director Millford)
– Jeroen Provoost (Manager Design & Visual Identity Albert Heijn)
– Ditte Glebbeek (Senior Design Director, dBOD, VBAT Group)
– Tessa Oudijn (Creative director en partner in BRUM)
– Secretary of the jury: Rita van Hattum (BNO)


Goal of the BNO Packaging Talent Awards is to create more awareness for this discipline and attract young, gifted design talent to get into packaging design. The jury was positive about the general quality of the entries and the enthusiasm and effort participants have put into their work. Elements from the history of IPA beer can be found in many entries, but still some extra steps are needed in order to upgrade the designs and make the designs ‘shelf-worthy’.


dBOD is always looking out for great young packaging design talent. We are happy that Tijs Kramer has joined the dBOD team and will work with us on award-winning packaging design in the future.