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16 February 2017

Proud of 2 nominations for NL Packagingawards

For the NL Packaging Awards dBOD has received two nominations for two diverse cases of Albert Heijn. Excellent Perla Coffee and Fresh Pizzas. The winners will be announced at a gala on March 16. Excellent Perla Coffee In a category …

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21 March 2016

dBOD hit the jackpot: 1x Goud & 2 x Zilver!

Yes! We felt the energy on the first Dutch Packaging Design Awards evening. A hall dressed with showbiz elements and packaging professionals.What else do you need? Well… nothing actually since we cashed three awards out of four nominations! 1 x …

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9 February 2016

Spontaneity awakes!

You probably know Dreher. A very accessible, easy-to-drink Italian beer brand. But did you also know the founding father comes from a Dreher dynasty of passionate master brewers, which goes back to the seventeenth century? Or did you know Dreher …

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26 November 2015

Fresher than ever

Nothing tops a refreshing Heineken. Except maybe a Heineken straight from the brewery. The good news is this is actually possible since Heineken introduced Heineken Extra Vers (Extra Fresh) in the Netherlands. Everything has been done to keep the freshness …

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18 November 2015

It’s a kind of magic!

Let your imagination run wild and create your own world! A world of limitless possibilities where both young and old feel at home. Even the makers of this fun product range felt like children again and gave in to their …

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5 November 2015

Etos brings real botanical power to the shelf!

The development of this special product line was marked by a process in which all expertises were involved from the early start. Because of that the whole development took only 7 months! dBOD was responsible for the multi-disciplined  kick-off and …

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