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7 June 2012

Facebook as Superman

What does the Facebook brand really look like? Quite boring really. And businesslike. While it’s really all about being personal. So has Facebook got its brand design all wrong, even though everything else is going so well?

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5 June 2012

Can orange conquer the crisis?

I have a dream. I dream that ‘our’ athletes will perform fantastic this summer. And with this performance their Orange jersey will inspire us all into a more positive attitude and a growth in confidence. The color orange is associated with energetic, warm, positive, powerful, viable and vital.

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24 May 2012

Pimp my building

On a global scale the bottle opener is nowhere near the tallest building. But it is a very distinctive one nevertheless. That’s because of the bottle opener in the top of the building. Highly recognisable and it even gave the building its name. Iconic too. Isn’t that what every brand wants?

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16 May 2012

Pimp my shop

Big, bigger, biggest. As far as I’m concerned, Louis Vuitton will remain holder of the challenge trophy for a while yet. The temporary entrance to their building at 66 Plaza in Shanghai has got what it takes.

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7 May 2012

Pimp my ride

In Shanghai I encountered the superlative car: a pink Bentley. No, not really. Not at all, in fact! Contrary to the Dutch, the Chinese have no qualms about standing out from the rest.

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