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14 November 2013

dBOD Design Store Shanghai has gone live

Our design store is located in a unique spot on Sa’anxi Road North, near Plaza66, and boasts a client list of consumer brands. Because we know like no other that retail – not office buildings – is where consumers spend their time, dBOD decided to open a shop-like office.

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15 November 2012

Shelf Ready Packaging: an excellent platform

The time has come: supermarkets in the Netherlands are set to follow the example of chains in other countries and start presenting their products to us in boxes, a practice formerly restricted to discount chains such as Lidl and Aldi.

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23 October 2012

This Etos bag is super smart

This one fits your handbag or pocket so you’re never without a bag; no unnecessary plastic bags anymore. Durable, convenient and colorful; this is the bag that we designed for etos.

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23 April 2012

The future of nightlife

Milan’s internationally renowned week-long design fair hosted the unveiling of a crowd-sourced nightclub concept from Heineken®. A yearlong design exploration project, created through the progressive minds of 19 emerging designers from across the globe, resulted in a prototype of a futuristic nightclub. Our own Ramses Dingenouts participated in the project through being a coach for the young graphic and packaging designers.

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25 March 2011

So, that’s a snappy storefront!

Behind Schiphol’s passport control, Gerzon stocks the luxury fashion stores that sell a range of different fashion labels. When the need for retail branding arose, they soon found their way to dBOD.

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1 October 2009

dBOD number 1 in packaging design

Marketing Tribune commissioned Intomart GfK to carry out a benchmark study among brand design agencies. The study assessed services, personality and image; dBOD scored exceptionally high in all three areas. Well enough to make it to first place!

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