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Every now and then the opportunity rises to work for other designers to work. Not literally, but Avantium is without a doubt indeed a creator and designer of new solutions. One of the main innovations the chemical company surprised us with, is the PEF bottle. This is the green, ecological replacement of the PET bottle, which Coca-Cola is going to use.

The logo we developed for Avantium acts as a connection between Avantium and the brands YXY, and Catalysis. The distinction between the three is sought and found in a different color combination; whereas the logo for Avantium predominantly has orange tones, YXY has these in green, and Catalysis is predominantly blue.

The circles communicate the connection, and stand for ‘simplexity’ (the process of making sense of complex research data). They represent the professionalism and quality of Avantium and its brands. In the corporate photography we used, the circles or circle shapes act as a connecting element.

dBOD created the new visual identity, made a brand manual, made the design of the website (www.avantium.com), and made an elaboration of the internal communication.

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