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itsme corporate identity

With its operating companies, itsme holds a market leading position in industrial technology and the supply of mechanical and electronic applications. itsme services are targeted specifically at major industries.

itsme wanted an overarching identity for its various operating companies and itsme itself, taking account of its history and the name recognition of the individual operating companies ES Elektro, Schultz+Erbse, Hoogland-Mennens, Breemes and ES Elektro Romania.

The itsme logo has been given its own characteristic typography. The crisp colours and the three points add dynamism and reinforce the sense of progress and innovation. The progressive shade changes from pale blue through red into orange represent the transition from technology via passion towards modernity.

Orange also acts as a cohesive element in bringing together itsme and its operating companies and emphasises the underlying family feeling. The logos of the operating companies have been modernised and brought closer together. At the same time, the essence of the original logos and colour feel has been preserved.