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Magnum Opus – Visual identity

Golf is more than just a game. It is a ritual – a ritual ruled every bit as much by shared values and traditions as it is by a series of good strokes strung together. The birdies an bites, but also the camaraderie experienced together during the game.

Now that golf has integrated itself into the iconography of the everyday, the time has come to raise the bar. To make the game bigger. Better. To introduce a whole new reference point for its most passionate fans. Not just different, but exceptionally different. Inspired.

This is what Magnum Opus offers; access. Access to the highest ideals of the game – Loch Lomond, Wentworth, St. Andrews, Emirates and other legendary courses. Access not only to the courses, but also to the purity and culture that go with them. All through the eyes and ears of local club members.

dBOD and Lemon Scented Tea created name, pay off, brand story and visual identity of a unique offering. With inspiring stories, an introvert, premium look and feel and an invite only website, Magnum Opus opens the world of unequaled, tailor-made pilgrimages.

Magnum Opus – Golf Beyond Boundaries

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