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RPHS corporate identity

Change has come to RPHS architects. Once a modest, respectable, slightly stodgy organisation, RPHS has transformed with the times, becoming a proud and contemporary architecture firm. RPHS is now an ambitious firm that aims to bring its projects to the next level. In the context of its renewed passion for quality and creativity, RPHS felt a new corporate style would be appropriate – but it had to be a style that visibly and tangibly reflected its transformation within the company and beyond. The firm also felt that its new style should work well in traditional printed media as well as in digital environments, such as the company website and intranet.

On the corporate stationery, we translated the firm’s new flair using metallic inks and embossing. dBOD extended its restyling to include the close-up photos used in the brochure line, also defining photography guidelines for future reference. dBOD also highlighted the signage on the firm’s building in reflective pigments, adding literal depth to this fundamental symbol of the RPHS identity.

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