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Schiphol corporate identity

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol wants to update its profile to reflect its identity as a brand rather than a location. Schiphol is not just an international airport; it’s also a hotspot of popular activity. Its brand-related advantages include See Buy Fly, various restaurants, Wellness, plane-spotting and Schiphol weddings.

Schiphol Group asked dBOD to design a high-impact brand identity for the airport. The primary parameter was to restyle Schiphol without reducing brand recognition: evolution, not revolution. In line with that parameter, dBOD used recognisable design elements throughout the new brand identity. By thoroughly incorporating familiar elements, we created a strong and uniform visual identity.

The slightly over-bright red and blue have disappeared. The new visual identity emphasises Schiphol, the airport’s name, while the designation ‘Amsterdam Airport’ has become secondary. All materials will be adapted to reflect the new design: friendly, dynamic and ready for take-off.

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