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Your Heineken

Unique and fun! Dutch consumers can now can design and order their own Heineken bottles at JouwHeineken.nl. The Dutch sleeved bottle design allows for a great range of design freedom, but its Heineken branding is fairly subtle. Following the success of the Dutch site, we will be introducing the concept in the international market as ‘YourHeineken’. The focus here will be on the connections to the new standard bottle – and it could be a bit more clearly linked to the Heineken branding.

So dBOD developed a strong visual identity for YourHeineken. The image, design parameters and grid have been specifically formatted in a manual. Transitional packaging has also been designed for the bottles, and dBOD is providing content for the website. One example is a series of 30 designs using the racetrack as an important design element. Result: Heineken is Moving FWD >> The site has already been launched in Ireland, and Spain will follow shortly…