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21 March 2016

dBOD hit the jackpot: 1x Goud & 2 x Zilver!

Yes! We felt the energy on the first Dutch Packaging Design Awards evening. A hall dressed with showbiz elements and packaging professionals.What else do you need? Well… nothing actually since we cashed three awards out of four nominations!

1 x Gold: Albert Heijn Candy
1 x Silver: Heineken Extra Fresh
1 x Silver: I sea pasta

We are filled with pride! Naturally we are proud of our work, we cherish the partnership with our clients that enables us to create great work and we are grateful for the recognition and appreciation from the design industry!

GOLD – Albert Heijn Candy

In the category ‘private label’ dBOD won the golden award for the candy assortment. dBOD developed a world of limitless possibilities where both young and old feel at home. Even the makers of this fun product range felt like children again and gave in to their guilty pleasure. An accepted guilty pleasure since this candy line is made of only natural colour and falvours. dBOD created an iconic packaging design based on a white canvas where realistic photography meets the illustrated fantasy world. That’s pretty extraordinary!

The jury stated that this design scores high on all aspects, from creativity till attractiveness. The colour white guarantees huge shelf impact in a category that is normally dominated by black, red and pink. This combined with perfect product photography and playful illustrations makes the Albert Heijn candy line distinctive and new.

SILVER – Heineken Extra Vers

In the category Packaging Design Beverage dBOD became the runner up and we are proud of this title… because nothing tops a refreshing Heineken. This is actually possible since Heineken introduced Heineken Extra Vers (Extra Fresh) in the Netherlands. Everything has been done to keep the freshness of a freshly brewed Heineken as long as possible. A cooled distribution chain from the brewery straight to the shops. In the shops you will find Heineken Extra Vers in the cooling area. A paper wrap has been developed that keeps the light, one of the biggest enemies, from influencing the fresh beer taste. Only within these conditions Heineken can guarantee the delicious fresh beer taste for a month. We developed a crafty, authentic, tasty look & feel in order to underline Extra Vers (extra fresh) proposition. Within losing our iconic brand power of course.

SILVER – I sea pasta

I sea pasta has been elected runner up in the category long life consumer goods. Seamore’s founder Willem Sodderland mistook seaweed for pasta in a nice restaurant at Ibiza. He decided to change the world for the better and introduced a healthier and more sustainable alternative for traditional pasta: I sea pasta. I sea pasta looks like tagliatelle, but it is 100% wild, handpicked seaweed (Himanthalia) from Connemara, Ireland. dBOD gave this pasta-revolution a clear, fresh and iconic brand identity. I sea pasta’s strength is that it looks like what we all know: tagliatelle. We trust that the consumer will easier adopt this revolution due to its appearance. We designed an outspoken language for I sea pasta to show the consumer that I sea pasta is a great innovation hiding in a well known wardrobe.