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29 April 2016

Maes CoolCan: best when it’s ice cold…

Beer tastes best when you drink it at the right temperature. And what could be better than knowing just when that temperature has been reached!

So Maes is introducing the CoolCan: a sturdy and minimalistic design in which the brand is clear and easily recognisable. The design even emphasises the brand by embossing the words, giving an extra tactile effect when you hold the can in your hands.
And what’s more, the white frosted effect around the can turns cool blue when the beer has
reached the optimum temperature for drinking. Two extra cool features in a single new design. And how convenient is it that the product is sold pre-chilled!

So, this summer, you’ll always be able to take a cold beer along to your picnic in the park! Shame the product is only on sale in Belgium… 😉