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Here is to adventure!


8 April 2016

Here is to adventure!

Sometimes you just have to bump into something…
And then before you know it you found yourself in a brand new adventure!
That’s exactly how the development of Heineken special lager: H41 started.

In 2010 a rare original yeast has been discovered in Patagonia. This discovery made the hearts of the Heineken brewers tick faster and faster. And with this treasure they decided to start an experiment: what would happen if they would use this rare authentic yeast, officially called Saccharomyces Eubayanus, in the original Heineken recipe used for decades.

The outcome was a big success. And the birth of a new special lager beer with a full taste of herbal components and fresh and fruity tones was a fact. The vibe that was brought through this exploration is embedded in the product name H41.

H stands for Heineken and the number 41 comes from the precise spot the yeast has found: 41 southern latitude in Patagonia.

From a design point of view, we decided to create a unique and ownable identity for H41. H41 with an unique bottle shape and a remarkable and impactful label that strikes you because of the matt look and crafty lay out. Looking more closely you will find some beautiful tactile details in the label that underline the premium quality of this first Heineken special lager.