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16 February 2017

Proud of 2 nominations for NL Packagingawards

For the NL Packaging Awards dBOD has received two nominations for two diverse cases of Albert Heijn. Excellent Perla Coffee and Fresh Pizzas. The winners will be announced at a gala on March 16.

Excellent Perla Coffee
In a category dominated by A-brand L’Or, Albert Heijn was to introduce ten high quality coffee capsules that would seduce consumers to try something special yet accessible. The coffee beans grow in the ‘coffee belt’, from Colombia to Vietnam, from Brazil to Ethiopia. The ‘coffee-belt’ is also the birthplace of the animals shown on the packaging.

The special crafted, illustration style in bright colors, the emblematic animal heads, combined with the sharp and crisp typography, wrapped in a charming little box makes it a gift to get. The outspoken colorful design is unique in this category.

Chilled pizzas
Albert Heijn introduces chilled pizzas and is a leader in the field of health policy. These pizzas are topped with fresh and good quality ingredients. In addition, Albert Heijn offers on many pizzas an extra ingredient to make the pizza even more flavor. The design should contribute to the fresh and rich feeling and also appeal to the need for healthy eating a tasty pizza.

The transparency allows the consumer to see the hearty pizzas. In addition, the illustration for the authentic feel makes focusing on the crispy crust that is distinctive for these pizzas. The punch, mirror and the text box in the shape of a pizza tip symbolize together the quality moment of ‘having a yummy tip of pizza’.