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AH fresh

The fresh fruit and vegetables is one of the most important product ranges in an Albert Heijn store. Pre-packed vegetables that combine freshness with convenience form a particularly significant part of this range. Here was a great opportunity for using packaging design to inspire consumers to choose new products, try out new combinations and create new dishes.

And why not provide information right away about what a product tastes like, its structure, the best way to store it and tips on how to prepare it?

With this in mind, dBod came up with a completely new, fresh and inviting design style for over one hundred products. A style that communicates top quality at the right price, just as we have come to expect from AH.

The design is easily identified by its blond look which features visuals showing fresh ingredients and also provides enough scope for variation within the different categories.

Be inspired, and don’t forget to take a look at the handy aha tips.

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