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Albert Heijn >> the King of Salad

In the world of salads, Albert Heijn offers the widest choice, the most inspiring product range and the best quality. Its aim is to become the salad bar among supermarkets. An inspirational environment where the consumer is guided in making sometimes unexpected choices: surprise, convenience and a healthy choice. To achieve this, lettuces, salads and their ingredients are all presented together.

But, of course, a new in-store presentation is not enough. A new graphic design also helps consumers to navigate the range. And this new graphic design just screams freshness! This world is clearly family, but a family with lots of relatives.

Less is Fresh

We opted for a clear visual language. A language that gives maximum space to enable the product to showcase all of its beauty and freshness. And a language that communicates clearly: the world of Albert Heijn salads is easy to find your way around.

The new in-store presentation provides focus and surprise. The great thing is that salad and additional ingredients are presented altogether: a guaranteed surprise and everything in one go! The design creates unity and variety. A family coat-of-arms connects the various segments, the clearer, large type communicates the product loud and clear and the design structure makes up the whole family.

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