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Beemster cheese

If people have been expecting the very best quality from you for more than a hundred years and have been returning as satisfied customers all that time, it is important to be an icon. To behave like an icon and present yourself as an icon. At the same time, you need to move with the times and sometimes make changes, innovate and refresh.

Beemster is that kind of brand. People have been enjoying the extraordinary, creamy and full flavour of Beemster cheese for over a century. The traditional craftsmanship guarantees a pure, clean taste every time you eat it. Whatever flavour you choose.

In dBOD‘s restyling of the brand identity, it was extremely important to communicate the brand promises clearly. Of course, safeguarding the brand recognition was also essential.

For that reason, the shape of the logo has been retained: the rectangular shape with rounded corners and the familiar kink at the bottom. Topped by the Beemster coat of arms that creates a stage to present itself with pride.

The shape has retained its original authenticity. But a new balance has been added to the colouring, giving the brand a fresh and modern look and feel.

With this design, you simply cannot miss the inquisitive cows! Previously an introvert design, dBOD has given Beemster an extrovert boost.

Beemster cares for its cows: they graze in the meadows for at least 120 days. That’s why dBOD chose to give the cows a leading role on the packaging. Handwritten flavour descriptions and colours that leap from the shelves help the consumer to navigate through the world of cheeses and give the brand a contemporary and modern appeal.

As a result, the packaging now has the typical laid-back and natural look and feel of North-Holland!