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dBOD has designed a new line of packaging for Biodermal. The object is to inspire, affect and engage the consumer in an atmosphere of luxurious simplicity and modernity. The assortment comprises skin care products, sun care products and products related to specific issues, such as pigmentation spots, scars and ageing skin. A new collection for sensitive skin was developed, too, and Biodermal recently introduced a men’s line.

The fresh line that was introduced two years ago presented a positively bright and vital face, ensured clear product and brand communication and successfully struck a different chord than the competition. The women’s line, for which a fresh range of colours was chosen, now includes various cosmetic products for men. The category colour of these is warm silver.

The entire line has a strong shelf impact; the look is superbly fresh and on the whole looks decidedly more cosmetic than before. The clearer structure serves to guide consumers more effectively through the product range. Biodermal looks good on the shelf again. Mission accomplished, if you ask us.

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