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Etos Skincare Men

‘Less is More’! This was a key starting point for the new line that dBOD developed for Etos Skincare Men. Not only design-wise, but also in terms of packaging material. From outer boxes to single packages. No extra packaging material if it is not necessary. The tubes, flacons and tottles tell the story!

The design morphed from shiny to more minimalist and austere without dBOD having to compromise on shelf impact.  To emphasise the man, the choice was made for straightforward, uncluttered design (straight-lined/square) for the typography, pattern (QR code) and physical packaging. The use of anthracite gives this line a bold and masculine look. The colour also creates a strong bloc formation on the shelf. A soft touch finish to the packages was selected for the entire line. Combined with a shiny veneer background pattern, it lends a masculine look to the line on the shelf and especially in the hand. By choosing fresh contrasting colours in the design, the packaging in all of its simplicity communicates clearly and unequivocally.

A good manly step forward! Have you tried it?