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Legend starts the battle!

Legend Extra Stout has dominated the Nigerian market for over 20 years (together with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout). In 2009 dBOD launched a new packaging design for Legend, which went on to take 5% of the market share from Guinness over the course of a year. Encouraged by these results the brand decided to continue on this innovative track in 2013. Legend has asked dBOD to carry out a restyling of the packaging aimed at producing a significant positive impact for the brand, reinforcing its status as a premium brand and giving it a high-quality look and feel, ensuring it remains well equipped to compete with Guinness.

The introduction of metallized paper, the gold-coloured foil and the gold details in the label design enhance the high-quality look of the brand even more, giving it an even better competitive position in relation to Guinness Foreign Stout. The result is a manly and highly stylish brand, thanks to the refinement of the label design and, of course, the unique and recognisable shape of the bottle.