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Perfax ‘Ready & Roll’

Ready & Roll is the newest offshoot of the Perfax family of brands. This ready-to-use wallpaper adhesive is the well-known brand’s response to a dominant trend in the wallpaper world, that of quickly ‘pimping up’ your living space with an attractive colour block, an expressive pattern or an enticing panorama. Increasingly, wallpaper is being seen in the context of making a fashionable and stylish statement instead of that of doing a DIY job.

Perfax Ready & Roll is the most playful product in the Perfax range, which is primarily businesslike in tone.

The challenge: how to present this proposition under the Perfax flag? In response, dBOD developed the name “Ready & Roll” and a packaging design to go with it. This strikes an effective balance between brand consistency and diversity.

Owing to its success, this proposition is now being brought out under Henkel’s European wallpaper brand Metylan as well.