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The Radler story goes back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Somewhere in Austria beer was being served during a bicycle race. It was a warm day, and the onlookers and the thirsty cyclists were guzzling it down so fast that it wasn’t long before the bottoms of the beer barrels could be seen. The manager of the café then came up with a brilliant idea: he added natural lemon juice to the beer. That way he could make his supply of beer go further, less alcohol was consumed… and the result was amazingly refreshing!
The Radler product was born, and it became a big hit in Central and Eastern Europe!

No one could have failed to notice that Heineken has come out with something new: Radler. Radler is a mixture of 40% beer mixed with natural lemon juice: it’s twice as refreshing! No artificial flavourings are added to this product, and because of the lemon juice it only contains 2% alcohol. So it’s a delicious drink for any time of day when you need a little refreshment.

Radler has existed since the 1920s and originates from Austria. It is enormously popular in Central and Eastern Europe.

In Central and Eastern Europe, Radler is often drunk as a variety of beer. Heineken has acquired Radler and is associating it with brands that are locally strong, such as Amstel and Wieckse in the Netherlands.
Heineken has asked us to develop a design system that gives brands sufficient freedom while at the same time emphatically communicating the messages of “Radler” and “refreshment”. The system must behave like brand identity, so that this message can be communicated within the various types of media.

dBOD has collaborated on the development of a number of design elements which were subsequently inserted into a system. This system can be applied to the local artwork by the local brands. Besides developing a word image, logo and water droplets, placed on a brushed steel background, dBOD has developed a product commercial that again can be used by each of the local brands.
In this way, consistent usage has been safeguarded and Heineken has succeeded in introducing a global product offering.

Several beer brands have now introduced the Radler variety. And with great success! In addition to Amstel Radler, Radler products have been introduced in Belgium (Maes), DRC (Primus), Finland (Foster’s), Greece (Amstel), Italy (Dreher), Portugal (Sagres), Spain (Amstel), Switzerland (Calanda) and the UK (Foster’s).
The sales figures show that the product offering and the system are effective.