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Garden of Life

The Garden of Life brand was introduced in the Netherlands 18 months ago. The brand’s history stretches much further back, however. Garden of Life was introduced in the US by Jordan Rubin in 1999. He recovered from a chronic digestive disorder after he started eating whole foods. The experience inspired him to create Garden of Life.

There is a great story behind the Garden of Life products. A story that fits in beautifully with the prevailing spirit of the times, in which we see a clear demand for food that is pure, fair and healthy. There is a growing number of books with recipes and specific advice in line with these principles, and in your own circles you are likely to hear about more and more people adopting this lifestyle.

Eighteen months ago, nutritional supplements were launched on the Dutch market under the sub-brand RAW. The nutritional supplements produced by Garden of Life are completely natural. They contain all of the nutrients found in whole food. This makes it easy for the body to absorb Garden of Life nutritional supplements. The fact that the supplements are 100% natural and contain every nutrient gives Garden of Life a fantastic edge over the competition. Competing nutritional supplements are manufactured synthetically and do not contain every nutrient.

Eighteen months on, the conclusion was reached that communication about the unique properties of the supplements was insufficient, the visual translation was too specific, and the relationship between brand and product was out of balance. Garden of Life then decided to approach dBOD for an evolutionary restyling of the packaging.

dBOD responded by bringing the brand Garden of Life back to its packaging, and giving the former sub-brand RAW the role of endorser. The bright and distinctive colours have been left intact, to ensure Garden of Life maintains its eye-catching shelf presence. All the brand characteristics have been brought back to the new brand icon, the heart. Drawn with a flourish, it lends a human touch to the overall look.

Garden of Life is a different brand – one that is natural instead of medical. Garden of Life wants to inspire consumers to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to really enjoy it. The packaging contributes to this. A new world is being created for Garden of Life, a world that reflects this enjoyment by being honest and pure. The packaging is included in this world, and will be presented to the consumer at the end of August!