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Re-launch Histor Wit Assortiment

The Dutch are true DIY enthusiasts. That’s something the leading brand Histor knows all about, with its considerable market share in well-known DIY stores. Histor asked dBOD for a re-launch of the wall paints in the Histor White Range. These include Monodek and Exterior, the hard-wearing exterior paint, but the range also includes Clean, a new washable wall paint. Luckily, our designers were pleased to have the honour.

The starting point was that the design would need to be in line with the other Histor product groups, but also clearly distinguishable from the competition. The product name is important, as it has a central place on the packaging. What’s more, Histor’s advisory role had to be strengthened: ‘Histor puts the “H” in helping hand.’ A brand that’s innovative and committed, reliable and focused on solutions, with products that are easy to use. Products that can be opened without tools and used without mess.

The USPs had to be conspicuous so that it would immediately be clear what the product stood for. In particular, the concept of washable Histor paint needed to be explained. In most DIY stores, though, there’s little support for the enthusiastic paint-buyer. Strategic design would be essential: it would have to be effective and to the point. The new high-quality design offers the consumer a feeling of value, in addition to clarity. This justifies the somewhat higher retail price.

Brilliant white.
Histor is striving to achieve a leading position in the ‘White’ market. We’d dare to claim that all of the qualities needed for this are now in place. The design is clearly coded using accent colours, but it’s still ‘White’. So it’s a proud re-launch of a high-quality White wall-paint range that covers not only the wall, but also the feel of the brand.