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The international winelabel ‘No House’ Wine launched new Vonkelwijn sparkling wines in 2012, designed by dBOD. The selling profit contributes to a good cause. ‘The HomePlan foundation’ benefits building homes for the poorest in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Sparkling design

This wine is an ode to all the strong South-African women who nurse, love and teach the country’s children each day. With that, they build the foundation for a strong South-Africa. And, as we speak, already 33 houses are build wich is absolutely fantastic!

For more information, please call:

Jeroen Tebbe (No House Wine) : 06 21 39 04 91
Evelyn Hille (account dBOD) : 06 250 94445
Erik Wadman (creatie dBOD) : 06 250 94443