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Star Lite

Cold beer, cool design

Last month, Nigeria Breweries presented the new Star Lite proposition to various markets.
Star Lite: an ice-cold filtered beer, which thanks to the lower alcohol content is more appealing to drink in larger quantities than the existing Star.
The beer tastes best when served at the proper temperature. Whilst that is something we take for granted here, in Nigeria it is not always easy to chill beer, let alone keep it at a constant temperature…

Consequently, the entire Star Lite identity emphasises the ice-cold aspect of the beer. dBOD not only produced the graphic design for the label but also has made sure that all of Nigeria will soon know about Star Lite: a total package of POS material has been developed and a 30-second product commercial has just wrapped and will shortly hit Nigerian airwaves. Along with the innovative character of the beer itself, packaging-related techniques that are innovative to the Nigerian market have been incorporated; namely, the label features a cold indicator that changes colour when the beer has reached the proper temperature, and the crown cap has a special inlay that helps keep the beer colder.

Another great dBOD total case that is sure to make Star Lite a super cool success.

Now just quickly book a ticket to Nigeria to taste it!