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Wicky proves what good brand packaging design can do for a brand’s success.
First and foremost, it sends the right design signals and creates a visual language that speaks to the target audience, obviously. Colourful, happy and optimistic. In addition to the familiar packs toted by the little kids to primary school, now there are cool containers that teens entering secondary school will dare to be seen with!
Every brand, including Wicky, usually starts with one successful product. However, once that success has given the green light to expand the product range, close attention must be paid to packaging design. A design for a single product generally does not work for a wider assortment. Consequently, dBOD proposed to separate the branding from the individual assortment/products. By developing a single strong brand icon, the brand remains recognisable at all times and radiates unambiguous brand values.
This high recognition principle then creates room to respond to the various propositions within the product range: fruity, healthy, refreshing, energising, sporty and so forth.
Ultimately, a clear balance between brand and product emerges: one distinct brand with a diverse range of products including Wicky FruitDrink, Fruitzacht, Zero, FruitDuo, etc.