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Wieckse rebranding

In autumn 2012, Wieckse decided to rebrand all its packaging, in part as a response to the need to make a clearer distinction between its alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers. Besides this, the non-alcoholic beer market was proving to be a strong growth market for Wieckse/Heineken. Wieckse recognised the importance of a stronger shelf impact and for more distinctive packaging for its 0.0% products. This provided a good opportunity to give the packaging a more contemporary look & feel, bringing it more in line with the Wieckse positioning. Since 2013 the entire Wieckse portfolio has been brewed using solar energy, and this claim is now featured on the new packaging.

To create an even stronger and unambiguous brand image, dBOD developed a new brand structure for Wieckse. The various propositions – Witte, Rosé, 0.0% and Radler 0.0% – were cut loose from the main brand. The Wieckse logo is now shown in isolation in the shield, from where it communicates at brand level to the consumer.
Separating the logo and placing it in a strong, unique and distinctive carrier has created a strong unit of Wieckse products. Within this unit the various propositions have each been given their own clear identity, making them easy to recognise for the consumer.

This redesign has certainly borne fruit for Wieckse, explains Brand Manager Lieke Bouwhuis:
“In 2013 the Wieckse brand showed strong growth. Its share in the white-beer market grew by 27%, enabling Wieckse to considerably strengthen its position as market leader in white beer. In the non-alcoholic white beer sector, Wieckse also saw its market share grow by 30%. There were of course several factors behind this growth, but we firmly believe that the new packaging and the associated improved shelf impact played an important role.”