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Nanda asked us to develop an identity and packaging design for its dairy brand Yinsuti. Nanda’s dairy farming facilities are completely organic and the company aims to capitalise on this to meet the major demand for reliable dairy products in China. The milk market in China is extremely lucrative, but has had its fair share of problems, particularly as a result of the many dairy scandals of recent times.

The brand identity is based on the clover symbol, familiar to us in the West. In China, the four-leaf clover has the same significance. The green clover leaf is a recognisable icon, with a natural and pure appeal. The image of the Pamir Mountains emphasises the freshness of the locations where the Yinsuti cattle have the good fortune to graze. The brand was introduced in China’s three major cities at the end of 2012. These cities have a combined population of more than 45 million!

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