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Holland Heineken House

The Holland Heineken House has been a familiar concept for years. This is where the festive receptions and celebratory ceremonies for the world-class Dutch athletes are held, with Heineken as their host. At the Olympics in Beijing, the Holland Heineken House needed to be restyled to be more relevant to the brand. The briefing: develop a powerful and unique brand experience concept, encompassing everything from the décor to the total experience.

And so the concept was born: Made in… Holland! Proud and powerfully worded, with a friendly nod to the Olympic host country of China. Minimalist design, iconic references and classy images combined to create an intense brand presentation.

It became a total brand experience covering 2000m². The Holland Heineken House had three different places to eat, a hall for parties and tribute ceremonies, and a shop-in-shop. The restyling included everything from the décor of the outdoor areas through to the menu options. The result: a proud Heineken embassy at the Olympic Games.