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V!ZZ!T is a last-minute concourse shop on pier B of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. dBOD created a new identity for this ‘last shop before boarding’. Their original location lacked clarity and striking design, but the new identity aimed to utilise the full potential offered by ‘the Schiphol selection’.

After dBOD had finished reinventing the shop, V!ZZ!T began catching passengers’ attention even before they hopped off the moving walkway. The orange colour makes it especially striking. The new look is refreshing, modern and eye-catching, in part due to the use of orange in the decor. Fun photos above recessed shelves mark the shop’s categories. The use of an exclamation point instead of the letter i is a playful use of words and images. The non-verbal message of the V!ZZ!T store name is now loud and clear: “visit me!”

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