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17 March 2016

Pleased as well as proud with our ADCN nomination for Heineken Extra Vers!

This nomination is extra special since it fell together with the confirmation that, following an very successful introduction period, Heineken Extra Vers now has nationwide coverage. We see this as a crown on all our hard work. And of course …

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4 March 2016

Hilton Schiphol opens up

The new Hilton Schiphol Airport Hotel officially opened its doors on Tuesday February 9th. It is a landmark in the Dutch landscape that is hard to miss. And off course this new Hilton also offers a restaurant, bar and wine …

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29 February 2016

Danio. Taste Life. To The Full.

How often do you get the opportunity to translate a successful product into a powerful brand? dBOD got this opportunity to do this for Danio. First it was important to develop a powerful visual stand out within a very colourful …

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9 February 2016

Spontaneity awakes!

You probably know Dreher. A very accessible, easy-to-drink Italian beer brand. But did you also know the founding father comes from a Dreher dynasty of passionate master brewers, which goes back to the seventeenth century? Or did you know Dreher …

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3 February 2016

Four nominations!

dBOD has received no less than four (!) NL Packaging Awards nominations. I sea pasta, Heineken Extra Fresh, AH durum wheat pasta and AH confectionary have all been nominated. We’re both delighted and proud of this recognition of our collaborative …

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26 November 2015

Fresher than ever

Nothing tops a refreshing Heineken. Except maybe a Heineken straight from the brewery. The good news is this is actually possible since Heineken introduced Heineken Extra Vers (Extra Fresh) in the Netherlands. Everything has been done to keep the freshness …

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