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Er was eens ...
Once upon a time ...

du Bois Ording Design (now dBOD) was established in 1980 as a full-service packaging design agency in the former Turmac factory in Naarden, a white building characteristic of the area. We immediately received assignments from top brands and grew rapidly, thanks in no small part to a newly developed design strategy. The next step was relocation to a large, historic manor house. dBOD continued to expand in its new home, which offered more spacious premises to accommodate a growing number of employees. A broader corporate identity and a branch office in Barcelona followed close behind. During the years in Naarden, dBOD came into its own, gaining extensive experience, developing its project portfolio and working on interesting projects.

By 2006, the historic building could no longer keep up with the pace of technological progress. This is when dBOD relocated to the INIT building in Amsterdam. Our new home felt like a modern indoor city. Expanses of glass and metal, escalators and connecting walkways; light, air and space! Although it’s situated in the city centre, it still has its own parking facilities… fairly exceptional in its own right. We continue to make history here with renewed fervour, as we set our sights on broader horizons and expanding enterprises.