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NewGenes: The creative network

New Genes is:

NewGenes: the creative network

This is NewGenes:

Sometimes it can be good to broaden your horizons and look beyond your own genetic makeup for fresh inspiration. That’s why dBOD has been an active part of the NewGenes business innovation network since 2008. NewGenes is a group of four creative companies:

dBOD – full service design

Lemon scented tea – brand activation

Bloei – creative innovation

BrandDoctors – marketing strategy

Each of these creative partners can rely on mutual expertise, since four heads are better than one. Our collaboration helps us all learn new ways to look at our projects and allows us to complement each other’s strengths. Jenny Elissen is the enthusiastic initiator of this creative network and is also a strategic partner for dBOD. NewGenes is a key part of our exploration of interesting new directions.

Contact representatives:

Reyn Jongenelen

Remco van der Sluis